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Women For Suzi

August 23, 2016

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You’ve seen her, met her, spoke to her and promised your support.

Suzi McDonough is running for Assembly on September 13th, 2016! You have received mail, you have spoken to her and she will not let you down. Suzi will be the first woman in the history of our district. The seat has been held by a male since the beginning. Suzi is running a “grassroots” campaign and although she is a Roman Catholic, a right to life and conservative Republican, she believes in humanity and equality for all.

Suzi is a widowed mother of 5 children. These amazing children lost their Dad at such a young age and Suzi put them all through college, worked for the Senate, became a Town Councilwoman and is now climbing the ladder to represent us in Albany. She has all the experience and the guts to speak her voice and ours as well.

Suzi is not a politician. She runs on the “FOR THE PEOPLE” line if there was such a line. Suzi also founded the Jimmy McDonough Foundation. The organization helps cancer patients and their families financially. They never stop giving and she wouldn’t stop now. The late great Jimmy McDonough was taken from us at the age of 43. I am sure he is gleaming down at his wife and mother of his 5 children with pride. She has accomplished so much in her lifetime and she will not stop!

We have formed a group. WOMEN FOR SUZI. Please ask us about it or feel free to stop by anytime to Suzi’s campaign office on Church Street in Carmel. We have yard signs, phone banks, letters and food! Yes she feeds you! We would love for you to get involved in this important race.

Please help Suzi get elected and make her the first woman to hold this seat. When she wins, YOU win! Suzi does not hit brick walls… just a few speed bumps. She is known to accelerate on those bumps and take it full force. She doesn’t care if there is damage to her tires. She gets them fixed. Thank you all from the Team Suzi Committee and from the bottom our hearts we will not let you down.

Let’s make history in our own district and take this grassroots campaign straight to Albany. SEPTEMBER 13th…. Suzi For Assembly! Spread the good word!


Antoinette De Bellis

Mahopac, NY

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