Why am I Pro-Life? – Suzi McDonough


Why am I Pro-Life?

August 31, 2016


Dear Neighbor,

My greatest blessing in life has been to raise five beautiful children.

There is nothing more important than the protection of innocent human life. I am solidly ProLife and I will proudly champion the cause of protecting innocent life, both as a legislator and as a proud mother.

Those of us who seek to protect innocent life are not the extremists in New York. Sadly, we live in a state where most of those in the State Legislature currently support late term abortions, including partial birth abortion.

This is horrifying. And they are the extremists.

Medicine has advanced to where babies born 3 months early are now surviving. And yet we have legislators who want to allow these angels to be killed in the womb in the last trimester, even right up to birth.

These are BABIES, not balls of cells, and while it is tough, we must fight to protect them.

As a mother of 5, and a widow who lost the love of my life, my husband Jimmy to cancer I know firsthand that life is precious.

Protecting innocent human life is not simply a religious belief. It is one of the most compelling moral issues and civil rights issues of our time.

We must work as a community to preserve and protect life, while making life an easier choice for those facing difficult circumstances.

On September 13th, please stand with me, stand with life and let’s fight for what is right and just.

God bless,
Suzi McDonough

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