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Suzi McDonough On Illegal Immigration in New York

August 28, 2016

Illegal Immigration

Mahopac (8/28/16) — Assembly Candidate Suzi McDonough (R-Mahopac) today issued the following statement and commercial concerning free college tuition, driver’s licenses and other taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens in New York State.

“The madness must stop and common sense must reign again! New York State is leading the nation in all the wrong categories, including the number of taxpayers and businesses that are voting with their feet and leaving the state all together. Small businesses throughout New York are already facing the nation’s worst taxes and overregulation.

People say that Immigration is a federal issue. But when you live in New York State and you have a Mayor granting ID’s and public benefits to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, the issue hits home.

Immigration’s long term solution rests on the shoulders of the federal government, no doubt. But when you have a Governor and Attorney General and many in the legislature who support taxpayer funded college tuition for illegals and driver’s licences to boot, all at your expense, it is not enough to just sit back and wait for the federal government to act.

On this issue it is simple. Illegal immigration is illegal.

As your next State Assemblywoman I will not support, and I will fight against sanctuary cities and any and all funding for public benefits, college and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

The elected officials in Albany just don’t seem to get it. On Election Day when we walk through the doors and cast our collective votes for an elected official, we are giving them power. We are entrusting in them to do what is right and what is fair. The madness needs to stop.”


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