Suzi McDonough – Mother. Leader. Neighbor. Conservative Republican.

Suzi McDonough

Mother. Leader. Neighbor. Conservative Republican.
Primary September 13th

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JOURNAL NEWS, “SENATOR DAVID CARLUCCI, ‘REEKS OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST’” Mahopac, NY (09/06/16) — Carmel Town Board Member Suzi McDonough is running for the New York State Assembly, and against the political machines both in Albany and here at home. On March 4, 2016 State Senator David Carlucci and Assemblywoman Sandy Galef held a press event announcing the introduction of important legislation to combat this system of pay to play…

Why am I Pro-Life?

Dear Neighbor, My greatest blessing in life has been to raise five beautiful children. There is nothing more important than the protection of innocent human life. I am solidly Pro–Life and I will proudly champion the cause of protecting innocent life, both as a legislator and as a proud mother. Those of us who seek to protect innocent life are not the extremists in New York. Sadly, we live in…

Suzi McDonough On Illegal Immigration in New York

Mahopac (8/28/16) — Assembly Candidate Suzi McDonough (R-Mahopac) today issued the following statement and commercial concerning free college tuition, driver’s licenses and other taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens in New York State. “The madness must stop and common sense must reign again! New York State is leading the nation in all the wrong categories, including the number of taxpayers and businesses that are voting with their feet and leaving…

Women For Suzi

You’ve seen her, met her, spoke to her and promised your support. Suzi McDonough is running for Assembly on September 13th, 2016! You have received mail, you have spoken to her and she will not let you down. Suzi will be the first woman in the history of our district. The seat has been held by a male since the beginning. Suzi is running a “grassroots” campaign and although she…

6th Annual Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner!

The 6th Annual Veteran’s Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Saturday, November 19th at the Putnam County Golf Course. It is one of my favorite times of the year that I, along with hundreds of volunteers get to welcome, salute, honor, respect and THANK our Veterans.  I am proud to team up with the New York Purple Heart Homes Downstate Chapter to host this Veteran’s Thanksgiving Dinner again this year….

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